Hong Kong 4096IP serve

Dedicated server located in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 4096IP server

The Intel E5-2450L is a server-grade processor, and the fact that it's dual-CPU indicates that the server has two of these processors. Dual-CPU setups are often used in servers to enhance processing power and handle more concurrent tasks.
This server is equipped with 96 gigabytes of RAM. This is a substantial amount of memory and suggests that the server can handle memory-intensive applications or processes.
The hard disk setup involves 4TB SATA drives configured in RAID1. RAID1 provides redundancy by mirroring data across two drives. The "available 2TB" suggests that, despite having 4TB in total, only 2TB is usable due to the mirroring for redundancy.
The server has an exclusive bandwidth of 20 megabits per second. This means that the server has a dedicated 20Mbps connection, which can be beneficial for applications that require consistent and reliable network performance.
This server comes with a large number of IP addresses—4096 in total—spread across 256 different C class IP segments. Having a diverse range of IPs can be useful for various purposes, including running multiple websites or services.
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  • Intel E5-2450L (dual CPU) 1. CPU
  • 96GB 2. Memory
  • 4TB SATA as RAID1, available 2TB 3. Hard Disk
  • Exclusive 20M 4. Bandwidth
  • 4096 IPs, 256 different C segments 5. Number of IPs
  • The above price does not include the Windows system authorization fee Note